Commonly asked Questions before coming to Kumbh Mela

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1 When Kumbh Mela will be start and end?

  • It will be start from 14 Jan 2019 to 04 March 2019.

2 After how many years Maha Kumbh held??

  • Kumbh will be held after 12 year but this is Ardh Kumbh which is going to be held after 06 year

3 This is Ardh Kumbh then why you are calling it Kumbh??

  • Government declared name Kumbh, (Speaking after the release of the Kumbh 2019's logo, the chief minister said: "This mantra from the Vedas says that there is nothing incomplete in the Hindu religion. Everything is complete in its own sense and therefore, the word 'Ardh' doesnt gel with the philosophy. So, we would be dropping the word 'Ardh' and celebrate Kumbh 2019)

4 How much is the distance between Kumbh Camp to bathing point?

  • Our camp is 1.5km far from main bathing ghat (Sangam)

5 In how many cities Kumbh held??

  • 04 cities that is Haridwar, Kumbh Nasik, Ujjain.

6 What is the local tourist place in Allahabad other than Kumbh??

  • Anand Bhawan, Museum, Khusrubag, Hanuman Temple, Chandra Shekhar Azad park, Company Garden, Alopi Nag.

7 What is the visting place in Kumbh area?

  • You can visit Mahamandleshwa, Akhara camp, meet ith naga sadhus, visit Akbar Fort, Akshay vat Mandir, Hanuman Temple, Someshwar mahadev Temple.

8 How much distance from Alld Station to Kumbh Camp?

  • It is around 08 to 09 km far from AllahabAD Railway Station to our camp.

9 Will Naga Sadhus will be available all time in Kumbh or not???

  • Naga Sadhus will stay whole duration of Kumbh but it they will come out from their camp during Shahi Snan only..

10 Which is the perfect time for attaining Kumbh?? Suggest the best date accordingly.

  • If you wish to attaimn main event than Shahi Snan is the best time but if you will attain any of Shahi Snan you have to stay atleat 04 night because during Shahi Snan all the road will be block 02 day before and it will re open 01 day after of Shahi Snan day.

11 Please suggest the bathing date ??

  • There will be three Shahi Snan that is First Shahi snan on 14 Jan that is Makar Sankranti, Second Shahi Snan on 04 Feb 2019 (Mauni Amawasya) and Third Shahi Snan on 10 Feb 2019 that is Basant Panchami.

12 I want to come in Kumbh Mela Please advice me.

  • If you are avoiding crowd please come during other day or other snan day, but if you wish to see Naga Sadhus please come during shahi Snan but during shahi Snan you need to stay atleast 04 night.

13 What is the exact time of Kalpvas??

  • Kalpwas is start from Paush Poornima till Maghi Poornima.

14 If I want to come for one day then suggest a plan accordingly.

  • I am suggesting you please come atleast for 02 night that is little enough to experience the Kumbh.

15 Do you provide heater / blower??

  • Yes, We are providing Blower in Premium & Heater in Deluxe.

16 Do you provide hot water / geyser??

  • Yes, We are providing geyser in Premium & Emulsion rod in Deluxe.

17 Is Satvik food available in your camp??

  • Yes, Satvik food will be available in our camp but you have to inform us prior than accordingly we will update to our cook.

18 What is the difference between Shahi and non-Shahi Snan??

  • Major difference is During Shahi Snan all the Naga Sadhus will take bath while during other day Naga Sadhus will not take bath.

19 Why you choose cottage instead of tent??

  • Our camp is made up of pre fabricated material that is fully secured with proper lockable facility while tent is made-up of cloth that is not safe at all.

20 What is the timing of breakfast, lunch & dinner in your camp??

  • Breakfast timing is 08:30 to 09:30, Lunch timing is 01:00 to 02: 00pm & Dinner timing is 08:30 to 09:30pm

21 Is there buffet system or room service at your camp?

  • There will be no room service; we have proper dining area with chair & table.

Places of visit near to Allahabad.

  • Ayodhya, Sarnath, chitrakoot, Varanasi, Gaya, Vindhyanchal, Khajuraho, etc.

Which are the Nearest Airport for coming to Allahabad Kumbh?.

  • Nearest international airport is Varanasi Airport/Lucknow Airport.
  • Domestic airport is 'Allahabad Airport' 20 Km far from Kumbh Area.

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