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Actually, It isn't about us. It's about listening what is your desire. And then creating an memorable moment for you.

Indian Heritage Tour is a proven name in the travel & hospitality industry today & specialization in Kumbh Camping. In case you haven't heard of us, a quick read of this page will tell you all that there is known about us, The page explain about what Indian Heritage Tour is, what is its mission, who is affiliated to, what facility & services we offer etc. We have given our best to provide as much information as possible in these pages. If there is still something you need to help with, just give a call on +91-7309673507.

Indian Heritage Tour a complete destination Management Company specialization in Kumbh, offer everything a visitor ever ask for. Client satisfaction is our aim, we always suggest best plan because we value for guest money, WE are adaptable to our guest's needs & request.

With efforts from our young dedicated team, we have explored unknown and undiscoved areas, opened new vistas & experimented with various activities in order to specialize in vast range of adventure, cultural & pilgrimage tours. You do not have to worry about your accommodation, meal, movability, you can just leave it to us and enjoy a stress free vacation,

Why Indian Heritage Tour: Over the years we have evolved and understood travel and travel destinations by studying them closely. This has helped us in creating packages that deliver quality and comfort to you while going easy on the budget. During Kumbh we stay there and assist for Shahi Snan, arrange meeting with Naga Sadhus which is helpful for best photography. Our intention is to give best experience to our guest during Kumbh. We make sure that you have access to all that you need while you travel with us and this has made all the difference.

We offer best in class services that ensure safety, security and comfort at all times. Our itineraries are well thought off and give you the time you need to enjoy not just the destination but the journey as well. We are one of our kind and we continue to work towards being better every day.

"The use of travelling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are."

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